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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The annual release of each major version of Envelope Maker takes place shortly after Drake Software* releases their next year's tax program (usually sometime in December). This allows us to test and tweak the Drake-specific features of Envelope Maker with the new tax program to ensure compatibility.

Previously licensed users are automatically notified when the new version is available. If you wish to be notified also, please send us an email.
Pretty much any computer running Windows NT4, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1, 10, 11, or later with any printer that can handle envelope stock.
Of course! When you download and install the program it intially runs in evaluation mode. It allows you to create a small database of addresses and print as many envelopes as you want. Once you decide you like the program, you can purchase a license code to unlock all features.
No. All you have to do is enter your license code on the License screen and the program automatically switches modes.
No. Envelope Maker is a stand-alone program that doesn't require any other program to work. However, it has special features built-in for users of Drake* tax software.
Although you send the tax returns electronically, what about the payments? Many clients prefer to mail payments rather than allow the IRS or state agencies to autodraft their accounts. Also, there are some returns that cannot be electronically filed. Many tax preparers also like to mail client organizers or other materials to their clients. In addition, you may also have other needs for envelopes such as payroll filings, paying your own office bills, etc. When you think about it there are many uses for Envelope Maker, even when the tax returns themselves are all electronically filed.
Any printer that works with Windows and can physically handle envelopes will work with Envelope Maker. This includes laser, inkjet, etc.
Envelope Maker allows you to define any custom envelope size that you need. If your printer can handle the envelope size, so can Envelope Maker.
Yes. Envelope Maker allows you to print either the mailing address, return address, or both. If your envelopes already have a pre-printed return address you can print just the mailing address and leave the return address blank.
Yes. You can specify both font and text-color (if you have a color printer). Envelope Maker allows you to specify separate settings for Return Address, Mailing Address, and Envelope Tagline.
It's your choice. The files are exactly the same. It's less expensive to download the program but some prefer to have a CD. The license works the same with either method.
If you purchase a single license, you are allowed to install the program and use the same license code on any number of computers at one physical location. This means you could put it on every computer in your office. However, if you have multiple offices you are required to purchase a license for each individual office.
Yes. Networked computers can share the same Address Database, custom envelope definitions, and license information. Information is provided in the help manual for configuring the program for network access.
No. Envelope Maker was designed to print Envelopes, as the name suggests.
Envelope Maker can import addresses that are in comma-delimitted text files (also known as CSV files). Its import feature is very flexible and allows you to specify which fields of information from the file are to be imported. Detailed information about importing addresses from CSV files is provided in the help manual.
Yes. Envelope Maker has a built-in export utility to create a CSV file of addresses that you select. You can then import this file into the other copy of Envelope Maker.
You can email your question to support@envmaker.com or you can call (256) 354-3166. Please ask to speak to Tim.

* Drake tax software is owned, copyrighted, and licensed by Drake Enterprises, Ltd., Franklin NC. Use of the name is for reference only, and in no way implies any claim of ownership.